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The clitoris is a sensitive, pea-shaped area of tissue located at the top of the vulva. It can sometimes be hidden behind thin skin called the clitoral hood, which can be pulled back to reveal the clitoris. The clitoris is packed with thousands of nerves, making it a highly sensitive and pleasurable area. Jul 09,  · 1. The clitoris is more sensitive than the penis. The clitoris is actually leagues ahead. The tiny organ has about 8, sensory nerve fibers, according to .

💖Donations💖:🍆Penis Enlargement Book:🎙️Mic:📷Camera: Apr 05,  · The clitoris—pronounced "clit-er-iss" not "clit-OR-iss"—is a small (on the outside), sensitive part of the female genitalia that can become more prominent when you’re aroused, thanks to .

Jun 26,  · Meet your clitoris, the small and sensitive part at the top of your vulva. With its 8, nerve endings, it exists to give you some serious pleasure.I mean, you can basically credit that thing to. Nov 16,  · "It is purely hypothetical to wonder whether more normal, female surges of testosterone (from sex) will increase the size of the clitoris, but it ' s not a completely ridiculous notion," Abrams.

Feb 08,  · When it comes to the clitoris, that old saying "different strokes for different folks" has never been more true. "Clitorises are very unique! There's really not one standard type of stimulation. The male clitoris is situated further away from the pelvic bones than the female clitoris. The female clitoris has more nerve endings at the very tip (head) because the female clitoris doesn’t expand as it does in the male, so the nerve endings don’t spread out as they do in the male.

May 07,  · Washing more diligently can resolve or prevent clitoral adhesions. If you’re experiencing discomfort, try soaking in a warm bath and washing the area more Adrienne Santos-Longhurst. Sep 06,  · It may be surprising to learn that the clitoris functions very similarly to the penis. When stimulated, the clitoris becomes erect as the area fills with blood. However, a healthy mix of testosterone, estrogen, and prostaglandins is required to fuel this process and sensitize the area.