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is cocked and locked safe - Locked, Cocked and Loaded

Feb 11,  · I joined this forum about 2 years ago when I was interested in purchasing a I educated myself as much as I could and bought a Smitty. I just bought my second (Springfield Black Stainless Target) and I am becoming very comfortable with this weapon. My question is how safe . Feb 02,  · If the pistol's chamber is loaded, its hammer is cocked, and its safety lever is in its upmost position, it is safe to carry "cocked and locked." If that safety lever is pressed all the way downward, I believe that the pistol safely drops its hammer (even on a loaded chamber) and puts itself into double-action mode.

Nov 22,  · Even though it is a bit longer, I've started carrying a Browning because it has a grip safety, and I feel safe carrying it cocked and locked. I like the Kimbers a lot, but wish their safeties were a bit more secure. Mar 30,  · is it safe to carry a cocked and locked in abdoman carry, is sprinfield xds safe to carry cocked and locked, m holster cocked and locked, m1a de-cocking, radom vis, safety or no safety on a carry gun, will p fire on cock &locked. Click on a term to search for related topics.

Jul 31,  · Just how safe and secure is the safety on the ? I mean, I trust my Beretta 92FS's safety, due to the fact that it protects the firing pin from being hit to strike the primer, but what of the Jan 03,  · I always carry mine cocked and locked, in my opinion there is no other safer gun out there if you are going to carry for SD. As it has been said you have to disengage the thumb safety, grip it to disengage the grip safety, put your finger on the trigger, and then pull it before it will go off.

Jan 15,  · cocked & locked or Hi-Power, round in the chamber with the hammer down & safety on. That extra movement to cock the hammer doesn’t take a split second. 0. Jan 24,  · Like the Colt Mustang and others, the s are hammer-fired, single action pistols designed to be carried cocked and locked, and to disappear even in tight-fitting formal, business and sport attire. Overview. Springfield is launching with two models, one with an all-black finish and the other with a two-tone look.

Aug 23,  · The safety is “on,” locking the sear and the slide. On the presentation, the gun is drawn and, as it levels toward the threat, the safety is pressed “off.”. The modern striker-fired pistol, while “semi-cocked,” draws no cocked pistol comments — even though it’s closer to Author: Rich Grassi. Those who oppose carrying cocked-and-locked generally cite safety motives, arguing that, although the has two effective safety mechanisms, carrying the pistol cocked with a live round in the.