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pain in right breast and arm - Female breast and nipple close up

Fractured Collarbone. A fractured collarbone, or clavicle, can cause upper right chest and neck pain. According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, or AAOS, the collarbone helps link the arm to the body analbigdick.xyz collarbone is a long, thin bone that overlies several important structures, including nerves and blood vessels traveling toward the upper extremity. Nov 08,  · I have been having pain across the top of my left breast and some times down the left side of the left breast. The top of my left arm (shoulder) is sore too. I have large breasts and I am 53 years and age. I sometimes have pain arcoss my right breast and I have noticed when I am in a cooler environment, I have a bit of pain.

Apr 11,  · An injury or muscle strain can cause pain under the right breast. Injuries to the ribs or chest area are common and can be very painful. Depending on Author: Rachel Nall, MSN, CRNA. Jan 18,  · There are a number of different causes for right-sided chest pain, including anxiety, trauma, rib fracture, and heartburn. Severe anxiety or stress .

Sep 09,  · Experiencing pain in your right armpit can mean anything from a strained muscle to a skin infection or sore lymph nodes. Because there are many nerves, ligaments, muscles, and joints in your right arm, finding the cause of pain in the right armpit can be a challenge. Nov 19,  · Hi. im 43 yrs old abs for the last 4 weeks I have been experiencing a pain in my left arm pit which had now spread to a pain in my actual breast as well - it feels like sometimes it is going straight through the centre of my nipple/breast and is a sharp stabbing pain.

Oct 12,  · When women experience pain in armpit and breast, their main worry is often if it is cancer. Yes, it could breast cancer or any other cause. Whenever you experience, breast pain, it can spread to the underarm and down your arm to the shoulder blade. Therefore, breast pain is . Jul 11,  · However, on rare occasions, pain under your breast could be a sign of advanced breast cancer. 31 If you find any new lump in your breast, you should always visit your doctor for a full checkup.. Abdominal Pain on the Right Side. Many health conditions affecting your digestive system or urinary tract can cause pain anywhere on the right side between the bottom of your ribs and your pelvic region.

Dec 17,  · The pain was getting worse and has now spread under her arm so she went back again. The nurse felt her breast and sent her for a mammogram. On Thursday, my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer that has spread to her lymph nodes. Sep 04,  · A swollen arm, breathlessness and weight loss — some of the symptoms flagged up in the recent UCL study — also tend to be associated with breast .