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Aug 01,  · The birth control pill and condoms are two very different forms of contraception. One works by affecting your body’s biology to prevent pregnancy, while the other works by preventing semen from entering your vagina in the first place. From an effectiveness standpoint, the pill is slightly more effective at preventing pregnancy than condoms. Yes, condoms are very good at preventing pregnancy if they're used correctly. They're effective about 85% of the time. That means for every people who have sex using just a condom, 15 will have.

Apr 15,  · When used correctly, male condoms protect against pregnancy 98 percent of the time, according to Planned Parenthood. As with any birth control method, the effectiveness is tied to usage. Most study youth reported that condoms were at least sometimes effective at preventing pregnancy. Programs had no impact on this perception. About half of program and control group youth responded that, when used correctly, condoms usually prevent pregnancy (Figure V.1). Most of the remainder, 38 percent, reported that condoms sometimes prevent pregnancy.

May 31,  · Birth control pills (oral contraceptives) and condoms are methods of birth control used to prevent pregnancy. Birth control pills are taken orally and are used by women only. Condoms are worn externally and there are condoms for both males and females. May 01,  · Even if you're taking birth control pills or using condoms, you might not be as protected against an unplanned pregnancy as you think you are, according to new research.

Yes. It is possible to get pregnant immediately if condoms are no longer used. How much do a male condoms cost? The cost of male condoms depends on the style (ribbed, lubricated) and the type (latex, lambskin, polyurethane). Most condoms are purchased in packages from 3 to The cost per condom ranges from as little as 20¢ to $ each. Apr 13,  · We had sex, but the condom broke. I took a pill. Could I be pregnant? Emergency contraceptive pills (ECP) are a very effective method of protection from an unwanted pregnancy. If they are taken within 72 hours after sex, the chance to get pregnant is pretty low, from around percent to 3 .

Jul 16,  · Birth control pills are % effective. Since you have been taking it consistently st the same time every day, your chance of being pregnant is at %. Plus, having a secondary form of contraceptive by using condoms adjunct to your pills, would really put you at an extremely low chance of getting pregnant, as you made mention. Apr 27,  · The advantage is that unlike birth control pills and condoms, the IUD does not rely on perfect use. With the Pill, the pregnancy rate with “typical use” is about nine percent per year. With.