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Apr 01,  · Changing levels of the hormones estrogen and progesterone are the usual cause of breast pain during perimenopause and menopause. As you enter perimenopause, estrogen and . Both are needed but too much of one – usually estrogen – results in an imbalance. Your breasts needs progesterone as well as estrogen to grow. It is progesterone that activates estrogen receptors so that .

Sore, cystic breasts should be treated with a natural, biogenetical progesterone cream, at a dosage of 40 mg per day for two to three months. Once symptoms begin to disappear, hormonal balance can . Sep 07,  · Hi Ladies, I hope you have some suggestions for me. I started using compounded Triest cream, "30 Triest MG/G" one ml per day, and compounded progesterone cream, "60 Progest 3% " .

An alternative to progesterone pills, progesterone creams are thought to offer the same benefits without the drug interactions that can occur when various medications are taken. Side effects of . Jan 08,  · Nipple pain may arise if there has been an injury because of sports or work-related duties; A pain in your chest, ribs, muscles or spine may feel like breast pain. How to Deal With Male Nipple Pain. If you are experiencing pain in your breast Missing: progest.

Progesterone and Sore Breasts? - USA Onas Natur. Sep 05,  · Have you heard the buzz about progesterone creams? Promoted by alternative health researchers, like Ray Peat, and doctors like Dr. John Lee, progesterone creams purportedly offer the be-all-end-all relief for hormonal problems like PMS, infertility and menopausal symptoms. Is progesterone cream .

Apply once or twice a day as needed. Dispense cream into the palm of your hand and rub onto the skin of your chest, abdomen, inner arms or thighs - rotating area each time. Menstruating Women: Apply on Reviews: Mar 04,  · I just got a bottle of Progest E in the mail today and thought I'd do 3 drops 5 x per day for 10 days. Well about 2 hours after my first dose of 3 drops, I had a subtle but strange feeling come .