doc, can you help with my back pain - upper left back and breast pain


upper left back and breast pain - doc, can you help with my back pain

Left side chest pain is associated with a heart attack or temporary restriction of oxygen to the heart. But indigestion is also known to cause pain in the chest region. When one experiences recurring bouts of pain in the left side of their chest, they may fear it’s a warning of a . When upper back and chest pain occur together, the symptoms can vary widely depending on the cause or severity. Some people may experience mild discomfort or tightness while others may have sharp or intense pain. This pain may be one-sided (left or right) or on both sides.

Jan 15,  · Pain in left breast on upper left side towards armpit in response to marnie78 Hi did you ever get results from this Iv had exactly the same as you for 13 weeks now I have 2 xrays on Monday one on chest and one on thorac spine xx. Dec 07,  · Pain in the chest, the front of the shoulder, and the upper back are the most common symptoms of pectoralis minor trigger points. If the TrPs have caused the muscle to become tight and short, you may experience pain, tingling, and numbing down the .

Cardiac Causes of Chest Pain. In this section, we’ll focus on causes of chest pain under the left breast associated with the heart. While discomfort due to heart disease often manifests as a dull pain under the left breast that feels like uncomfortable pressure, it can also be a burning or even stabbing pain depending on the condition. An achy or throbbing pain may be felt in part of the upper back, and it could potentially spread into a nearby area, such as the neck, shoulder, or lower in the back. Stiffness. If either sharp pain or general soreness becomes bad enough, it can contribute to reduced mobility of the upper back’s muscles, ligaments, and/or joints.

Sep 10,  · While less common, thoracic foraminal stenosis may also cause pain in the upper back to one side, such as the left side. Radicular pain from foraminal stenosis can range from mild to burning or electric-like, and sometimes it’s accompanied by tingling, numbness, and/or weakness. Read more about Cervical Foraminal Stenosis. Feb 10,  · “With the exception of the last two, the other 10 ribs form a joint with the vertebrae in the back and with the sternum in the front,” continues Dr. Carpenter. “This could cause radiating pain into the front breast area.

Sep 04,  · 'I assumed it was a pulled muscle': The terrible moment Lisa, 46, learned her agonising back pain was breast cancer. One in six women with breast cancer have . Burning pain in the chest and back can be a symptom of a serious medical condition and requires evaluation by a doctor. The chest contains a number of different organs, so pain in the chest and back can be indicative of disorders in several possible organs, including the heart, aorta, lungs and esophagus.