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Doctors use tumor grade and other factors, such as cancer stage and a patient’s age and general health, to develop a treatment plan and to determine a patient’s prognosis (the likely outcome or course of a disease; the chance of recovery or recurrence).Generally, a lower grade indicates a better prognosis. A higher-grade cancer may grow and spread more quickly and may require immediate or. CanAssist Breast is a prognostic test for early-stage breast cancer patients. At our central CAP-accredited laboratory breast cancer samples are analyzed for expression of 5 protein biomarkers and in combination with three clinical parameters to derive the risk for recurrence.

Oct 04,  · Your surgeon removes all of your breast tissue along with the nipple, lymph nodes in your armpit, and chest wall muscles under the breast. This procedure is . Wife had a 12mm lump in breast (cm). It was removed via lumpectomy with clear margins. Doc determined that it was Stage 1 (no lymph node intrusion) HER2+ (triple positive) breast cancer. Doc recommended 13 weeks of Herceptin ($13,/week) and Taxol ($/week) concurrently, followed by 5 weeks of daily radiation.

Aug 26,  · It’s less advanced than stage I cancer. There are two types of stage 0 breast cancer: Noninvasive Paget’s disease, a rare form of breast cancer in the nipple; Ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS. Mar 25,  · (For more information on the specific characteristics of each cancer stage, visit the Stages of Breast Cancer page.) Chemotherapy is used after surgery to remove the breast cancer to get rid of any cancer cells that may be left behind and to reduce the risk of the cancer .

In stage III, the cancer has spread beyond the breast and into nearby lymph nodes. Usually many lymph nodes have cancer cells, or the tumor is so large it grows into the chest wall or skin of the. Jan 01,  · Surgery is standard treatment for this stage. Since the tumor is small, you may have a lumpectomy-- just the tumor and some of the tissue around it .

May 18,  · Determine the stage and severity of your breast cancer. Before being able to realistically discuss treatment options with your doctor, you will need to know the details of your breast cancer. Things to be aware of include whether it is present in one or both breasts, the size of the tumor, whether there is one lump or multiple lumps, and Views: 20K. Oct 16,  · If the tumor cannot be seen or felt, the surgeon will use a procedure before surgery to locate and mark the tumor using mammogram or ultrasound. complete, and up-to-date information about breast cancer. Please make a donation online today or text HELPBCO to to donate via your mobile device. Message and data rates may apply.