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High profile breast aug cc silicone This tall (6 foot 4 inch) 33 year old patient choose to augment her breasts with cc, high profile, silicone implants. gender. History of cc high profile implants over the muscle with rippling and sagging. Procedure: Bilateral implant removal and replacement into new submuscular pocket, mastopexy, Allergan Inspira full profile silicone implants, cc, 31 yrs, 5’5″, lbs, 7 months post-op. Click here to contact Dr. Brown and set up a consultation.

Jun 01,  · High Profile Breast Implants. On the other side of the spectrum are high profile breast implants. As their name suggests, these implants protrude out more from the chest. One of the advantages for more slender women with high profile implants is that they can get more fullness pushing outward instead of on the sides of their breasts. Age: 27 Height: 5'4" Weight: Cup Size Before: 34B Cup Size After: 36C Implant Info: Round, Saline, High Profile Incision: Inframammary Placement: Submuscular Right Implant: cc Left Implant: cc layout: Description: Patient is a Morris county, NJ resident who complained of sagging breast and sought proportional breast augmentation. She had natural proportional breast enhancement with.

Apr 01,  · The photos below show a Mentor style high profile saline breast implant (blue) compared to a moderate profile saline breast implant (green). As you can see, the high profile breast implant is smaller in diameter and projects much more than the moderate profile breast implant. Four different breast implant profiles. 30 years old and is 5'6" and lbs the implant size is CC Sientra classic shape high profile. Early 20's 5'3" 45 lbs Sientra Textured Round Moderate Profile cc. Breast Agumentation.

This is a year-old woman who underwent breast augmentation at Image Surgical Arts’ state-of-the-art surgery center in Nashville, TN. She chose a cc high profile silicone implant. The implants were placed under the muscle using an infra-mammary incision. She is four months out from surgery. Natrelle® Saline-Filled Breast Implants offer you fullness that ranges from low to moderate to high. They are available in a wide variety of round sizes and profiles to meet different needs and expectations.

Dec 27,  · Keep an open mind when approaching the size and profile of your implant. Trust your surgeon’s ability to hear your goals, give you the best options, and help you achieve your dream look! Take a look at our patients’ photos of breast implants before and after the surgery to get an idea of the range of sizes that are possible. Nov 03,  · 03 Nov Moderate Vs High Profile Breast Implants for A Specific Cup Size Posted at h in Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift 0 Likes This comes up all the time and I often have patients coming in saying, “I need a high profile implant for projection”, or “”I need a lower profile implant because I want narrow cleavage”.