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Oct 27,  · The Mastery of Breast Surgery Program is supported in part by unrestricted educational grants from the following company: This web site is intended to help surgeons document their clinical performance of breast procedures, as well as their care of breast cancer patients and patients at risk for breast . Breast reconstruction may help you feel more comfortable about how you look after a mastectomy. Although a reconstructed breast will never match the look or feel of your natural breast, this area of plastic surgery continues to improve. Possible challenges Travel. You may not live near the hospital where the reconstruction will be done.

Breast reconstruction is achieved through several different plastic surgery techniques that are done to restore the breast mound to near normal shape, size and appearance following a breast cancer diagnosis and mastectomy. Breast surgery typically can be divided into three general categories: augmentation, reduction, and reconstruction. Each type of surgery is explained.

Feb 21,  · But, as you probably know, any kind of surgery—everything from tonsillectomy to open heart surgery—involves risk. Below is a description of some of the risks and complications associated with breast cancer surgery, and how they are addressed. Wound infections following surgery can usually be taken care of with antibiotics. May 12,  · Types of Breast Surgery Procedures: Breast surgery, also known as mammoplasty, is a cosmetic operation that aims to enhance the female breast. Augmentation is done for various reasons such as enhancing contours, shape, and size; to name a .

After the chest heals from reconstruction surgery and the position of the breast mound on the chest wall has had time to stabilize, a surgeon can reconstruct the nipple and analbigdick.xyzy, the new nipple is created by cutting and moving small pieces of skin from the reconstructed breast to the nipple site and shaping them into a new nipple. Mar 16,  · Breast Removal Surgery: Mastectomy is basically the breast removal surgery, which may require the patient to stay in the hospital for a day or two for observation. The complete recovery time for mastectomy can take around one to three weeks of time. Re-Excision: Re-excision is an outpatient breast cancer surgery procedure that may be done after lumpectomy in order to ensure .

Breast-conserving surgery (also called a lumpectomy, quadrantectomy, partial mastectomy, or segmental mastectomy) is a surgery in which only the part of the breast containing the cancer is removed. The goal is to remove the cancer as well as some surrounding normal tissue. Apr 10,  · Surgery is considered the primary treatment for breast cancer, with many early stage patients being cured with surgery alone. The goals of breast cancer surgery include the complete resection of the primary tumor, with negative margins to reduce the risk of local recurrences, and pathologic staging of the tumor and axillary lymph nodes to provide necessary prognostic information.