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Oct 31,  · He recently partnered with ghd, a hot hair tool and hair accessories retailer, to create original tattoo designs for breast cancer survivors. This partnership is . Sep 29,  · 10 breast cancer survivors share the stories behind their double and single mastectomy tattoos, courtesy of an organization that connects breast cancer survivors with tattoo Alexis Hobbs.

Dec 03,  · Those who want a more natural appearance after breast reconstructive surgery may opt for a 3D nipple tattoo, which uses a tattoo gun to ink a high-resolution image of a nipple and areola onto the breast. Other patients may choose to have a nipple reconstructed during surgery. “Either choice is patient-specific,” adds Dr. Eid. Feb 12,  · Nipple Tattoos after a Mastectomy Nipple tattoos are a part of breast reconstruction. Our team offers breast cancer survivors nipple tattoos after mastectomy to help their sense of femininity on the path to recovery. A 3D nipple tattoo, also called micropigmentation, re-pigments the area to make it look more realistic.

Breast reconstruction after mastectomy. Combining creative expertise and state-of-the-art techniques, our skilled technicians can help you reclaim your confidence, by creating the appearance of a natural looking areola and nipple complex, to complete your breast reconstruction. Book Your Appointment After breast reduction or uplift surgery. Jun 02,  · After doing a few jobs, he quickly recognized the need for trained tattoo artists to be involved in breast reconstructions. “I would never advise anybody to come to me for surgery, but in the same vein nobody should go to a surgeon for a tattoo,” he said.

Sep 01,  · Survivors traditionally have had to choose between living with those scars, or having a breast reconstruction. But some breast cancer survivors are choosing a third option – adorning their scarred chests with elaborate and colourful tattoos to transform what can often be a landscape of pain into something beautiful and unique. Sep 28,  · Flowers, trees, and leaves are often a chosen mastectomy tattoo design because they are beautiful, versatile and can be drawn to cover up or celebrate, depending on your preference after breast surgery. This bright, watercolor design, from artist Stupenka Tatoo, incorporates the scar into the overall design of the Dana Donofree.

One month after areola tattoo. The color is still bright. At one month after tattoo, it is still bright and has not yet begun to fade. It will gradually fade over years (like regular tattoos). The brightness of the color becomes more normal and natural over time. Areola tattoo can always be touched up later in the office if needed (in years). Oct 20,  · This story contains images of breast cancer survivors after reconstructive surgery, and may not be suitable for all audiences.. A year after her mastectomy and seven months after her last surgery.