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Nov 18,  · When the Cubs officially became "The Cubs" in , the team's uniforms were the plainest of plain: white, standard fold-down collar with a pocket on the left breast and simplified old Author: Phil Geib. Mar 26,  · The slanted pockets are a throwback to the Marine uniforms worn during Vietnam. It is actually harder to reach into the pockets when body armor is worn over the combat utility uniform than the old-school pre cammies. The issued FROG uniform for wear in Afghanistan doesn't even have breast pockets .

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Jun 27,  · One of the most noticeable differences between the ACU and the new hot-weather uniform is the absence of chest pockets on the latter. Uniform officials tailored the original raglan, or. Class A uniform pants are typically a 4 or 5 pocket design and often have a stripe running down the side of the pant. Class B Uniforms Class B uniforms, sometimes referred to as a duty or operational uniform, feature a more casual style with a relaxed fit, often used interchangeably with the Class A uniform .

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pockets shall measure 6” deep and 5 5/8” wide. pockets shall be set to shirt front with a ¼” double needle stitching. left breast pocket shall have 1 ½” pencil stitch, +/- 1/8”, to be measured from the inside of the double stitched pocket to run entire depth of patch pocket. each pocket . Designed specifically for the food industry. One piece notched lapel. 44" length. Two lower inside pockets and one inside breast pocket. Durable oz. % spun polyester; Snap front so buttons .