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brown cum - STP1 Oh My God Mr Brown !

Brownish semen can occur due to infections especially in the prostrate, and also due to bleeding in the prostrate. It is due to a tear in one of the fragile veins of the prostate. The prostate is the organ that produces the majority of the seminal fluid in response to sexual stimulation. Recently I have made tooth surgery, tooth removed and stitches done, I had lot of antibiotics,after a week my semen is in slightly brown color, before yrs I had a similar problem even slight blood has come, and after tablet prescribed by doctor it has cured, now after years again my semen color change into slight brown, is it infection? N.

Red or Brown Colored Semen. If your semen is stained with a red or brown colored fluid it may well be blood. Sometimes a small blood vessel may burst when you ejaculate. Within a day or two the semen should return to its normal state so there should be no need to . Chances are that the brown color is caused by something else, not your girlfriend cumming. Even more so if this happened only once. There are some medications that can cause change in color of body fluids, including the vaginal discharge and urine. But, I’m sure you probably would know if she was taking these kinds of medications.

Who is Rain Brown? Did you catch up with the American Discovery reality series, The Alaskan Bush People?If so, then you must be near the character Rain analbigdick.xyzse, she is popular as the youngest member of the Browns family, alongside father Billy, mom Ami Brown and six siblings including Snowbird Brown.. Rain Brown was born on 23 November in Alaska. The first and most common cause of brown semen is an infection. For the fun of it, men do not use protection and the chances of getting a sexually transmitted disease become high. Brown semen could be caused by a sexually transmitted disease such as Chlamydia, Gonorrhea or Herpes. READ Prostate milking-Health Benefits, Correct way of doing it.

Brown semen usually means blood, but it happens from time to time in many men. The medical term is hematospermia. Sometimes it can be triggered by trauma to the perineum--the space between the scrotum and anus--for example, after a bike ride, horseback riding, etc. But many cases are spontaneous. The most common cause of a dark brown semen is an infection. It occurs due to the invasion of microorganisms such as parasites, fungi, bacteria, and viruses. These microbes can enter a man’s reproductive system through various ways. One method is through intercourse.

Brown sperm, in particular, is indicative of older blood, as fresh blood tends to add a bright red discoloration to semen. In most cases, a brownish hue in male ejaculate can be attributed to previous physical trauma and is often no cause for alarm. Brown semen is a condition which can be seen among some men. The semen is normally white or milky color but can suffer from discoloration. One of the conditions which can cause brown semen is blood. In healthy men, this is not an occurrence, but can be common among men where it can be easily treatable.